About Us-


GOLDEN ENTERPRISES, situated in chikalthana midc, aurangabad -mh (india) is one of the finest manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of ev chareger, solar system & led lights . We provide best solution for ev charging stations for residencil, commercial,& public place, etc . As per the need of client. GOLDEN ENTERPRISES ESTABLISHED in 2014 , we have already captured a considerable amount of market share with our impressive range OF QUALITY PRODUCTS and we are continuing to grow and expand with time. We use the latest methods and technologies instead of relying on traditional and outdated industry methods as a result our company is PROVIDING the range which stands beyond expectations. Further, we conduct strict quality checks on every product so that our clients are very happy with our products & services.


Golden EV Charger offers its customers the best quality products along with installation and commissioning our services. 2 wheeler & three-wheelers charging stations, four-wheeler charging stations heavy vehicle charging stations are available for service. The product ranges of the company are- 3.3 kW AC charger, 30 kW DC charger, 7.5 kW AC charger, 60 kW DC charge, 9.9 kW AC charger, 150 kW DC charger, 22 kW AC charger, 200 kW DC charger, 15 kW DC charger, BATTERY SWAPPING STATION, 20 kW DC charger, and COMMERCIAL EV STATION.
The company also delivers to the need of Electric Bus Charging along with other specifics like air clearances, surface clearances, and fixed insulation for devices depending on the criteria for the client’s operation.


We, GOLDEN ENTERPRISES have a wide range of products which are offered as per the clients’
requirements. Our product range is as follows:

where energy demand is already high and may not be able to support additional, unpredictable loads.

· 3.3 kw AC charger · 30 kw DC charger
· 7.5 kw AC charger · 60 kw DC charger
· 9.9 kw AC charger · 150 kw DC charger
· 22 kw AC charger · 200 kw DC charger
· 20 kw DC charger · COMMERCIAL EV STATION.


The quality products at the Golden EV Charger have already created a foothold in the industry. The company further aims at providing curated services at cost-effective rates. The client-based for the company is built over quality centric approach, consistent, and innovative materials. With reputed charging partners like EO Charging, Exicom Power Solutions, Delta, and Statiq, Golden EV Charger is fully equipped to fulfill your power needs.


Golden EV charger has designed its system to work with future minds. It knows that with evolving times, cars will advance too and the next-generation battery will be able to get fully charged within fifteen minutes. The company’s coordination with many charger brands which are suitable with all car chargers like TATA Motors, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and MG has given it a clear view of what the future beholds. Thus, Golden EV Charger has created its own system to serve the needs of existing as well as future battery needs.

Golden EV Charger can proudly mark it future-ready with its modern systems of Multi-car simultaneous, Ultra-fast charging under 15 minutes, and Connection in highly congested areas. Invest in the best for your energy consumption needs, invest in Golden EV Charger and get going with lightning speed.